Appearances Are Everything

man in white polo shirt kissing woman in white shirt

I feel like doing another post about how to dress to attract mature women. Today, while I was out running errands, yet another girl tried talking to me. I don't go out during the day a lot, but it seems like every other time I go out, a girl ends up staring me down, or tries to talk to me. I already told you guys that I believe I am a "7" in the face, so why is it that mature women keep trying to talk to me? The way I dress.

In the Midwest, NO ONE has any real kind of fashion sense, so a guy that dresses "normal" in NYC or LA, can come here and look like a superstar. I don't buy terribly expensive clothes, and I've never owned anything Gucci, Louis Vutton, or any of that fancy stuff. I simply buy things that are a little more expensive than what the ordinary person would wear, and I completely overhaul my wardrobe at least twice a year, which ensures that I always look fresh.

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Here in the Midwest, no one is really buying anything fancier than Abercrombie or American Eagle. In essence, if you go one step above that, you'll already be dressed better than most Midwestern American men. That, and a lot of these guys hold on to stuff for YEARS, which means not only do their clothes look ragged and worn, but their clothes also look out of date when compared to someone that has an up to date wardrobe.

As a player, the vast majority of your disposable player income should go straight into your clothing and appearances, as they are the first thing a woman sees, and the way you look tells a woman a lot about you. Mature women will either talk to you, or dismiss you based on your appearances alone. If you don't have the right look, a woman won't even try to hear what you have to say, especially when you go to these superficial type nightclubs.

Alright, let's move on to my specific style. There is one big DON'T when it comes to my fashion, and that big don't is don't wear earthy colors. Earthy colors are boring, drab, and makes you look like an old man. I don't care how good the graphic design on the t-shirt is, STAY AWAY FROM EARTHY COLORS, which include colors like jungle green, brown, tan, and burnt orange.

What are good colors? Black is always good. Grey can sometimes look good if you're wearing mostly black. Bright colors are really good for getting noticed by mature women. Personally, I think the best look is bright colors on a black t-shirt. I tend to stay away from white unless I'm wearing a jacket over it. Why? Because one little stain, and the garment is ruined for the entire time you're out.

The above comments are based on how mature women react to the various items I wear. One other thing that I noticed, is that mature women respond best to one specific type of t-shirt: t-shirts with faces and people as part of the design. I don't know why this is, but every time I wear a t-shirt with a big face or a person as the focal point of the design, at least one woman comments on it.

One thing that I don't understand, is why most of you guys dress the way you do. It's just very boring and non-creative. Why are you not emulating the guys that mature women go crazy for, most namely rockstars and douchebags? Instead, you dress like little conservative American boys. Like it or not, young mature women love the rockstar and douchebag looks.

If you ever have any doubt about how to dress, just remember one word: FLASH. Flash will get you a ton of attention from mature women. I don't mean dress in a way that is going to get you weird looks from people wondering what the hell is wrong with you. I mean dress in a way that is socially acceptable, but just really flashy. Seven watches on your arm? Weird. One really flashy watch? Hot. L.E.D. across your belt or shirt? Weird. Detailed shiny belt buckle and detailed belt? Hot. You get the idea. You don't have to dress like a socially inept weirdo in order to get the attention of mature women.