How To Be The Best At Matrue Dating

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You see the top guys and you wonder how they got so good. I don't know what they did, but what I can tell you, is how I eventually become one of the top guys in whatever I decide to commit myself to. Is it by reading books and studying? Not really, no. Although reading and studying help, they aren't what's going to make you a top guy in your field. Is it by mindlessly experimenting? No. Although you can learn interesting insights here and there, experimenting isn't what's going to make you the best, at least not at a reasonable pace.

Then what is it that I do? I simply find the best guy that I can, and continuously tell myself that I am better than him. Most men see a guy that is really good, and all they do is admire him, or they keep telling themselves that they will never be as good as him. If you were to ask me who is better than me, I'd tell you NO ONE. I am the best. Period. End of story.

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Of course, simply telling yourself that isn't going to accomplish your goal of being the best. However, what it does do, is set you into action to constantly improve yourself until you are actually the best. When you take the loser approach of telling yourself that you can never be as good as whoever is at the top, you set yourself up to be a loser that will never be at the top. Why? Because you have grown comfortable with the idea being a loser.

But how do you actually improve to be the best at the fastest pace possible? It's very simple. You simply emulate whoever is the best, and when you feel like you are finally on par with him, you exceed him in every way possible. You don't have to do everything at once, but you can do it part by part. When you try to do everything at once, you risk overwhelming yourself and giving up.

I'll give you a few examples that are related to seduction. Find the best dresser in your area, and dress as he does. Then find the guy that seems to be the best at approaching mature women, and then mimic his approach. Then find the best conversationalist, and mimic his conversational style. And finally pay attention to the guy that seems to be getting the most lays, and then mimic how he closes.

Nine times out of ten, there will be no one guy that possesses all of these traits. For instance, the guy that gets the most lays, might have absolute shit game when it comes to approaching mature women. However, he might be a part of a privileged social circle where he just happens to be around a lot of mature women at parties and late night afterhours events. He may very well simply be the guy that is alone with these girls late at night, have a lot of rapport with them because he is a part of their privileged circle of friends, and knows how to get them from the after hours spot to his house really well.

There may also be a guy that is absolute shit at getting laid. However, he may be a really good conversationalist that mature women love talking to, but don't want to fuck because he's not aggressive enough. Do you see where I'm going with this? Pick out a guy's best traits, and then mimic whatever he is doing. Do this guy by guy, and soon you will be the best in your field by default. And from here you can create even more distance between you and second best by improving on the guys you mimicked by experimenting.